Can you get arch support from a flip flop?

Yes you can. There are several brands of flip flops on the market that do have some arch support built into them. These are obviously not necessarily the best type of footwear for everyday use, but some people use them for that due to lifestyle choices. The flip flops are a flimsy form of footwear that do require the toes to claw to help them stay on the feet, so they do not necessarily come recommended for regular or everyday use. There use should be moderated depending on lifstyle and any issues that there are with the feet. If people do need arch supports, then using a flip flop that has arch support built in does make sense.

We keep hearing about the Archies brand from our colleagues in Australia where they are proving to be very popular and mostly sold in podiatry and physiotherapy clinics. There is scope for them to be modified with the addition of padding to customize them some more to individual feet. Hopefully this brand will soon be available in the UK as they are good option for those who like flip flops, but still need arch support.

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